Sergey Baranov is a Professor of Vladimir State University. From 1996-2016, S. Baranov served as docent at the Departmen Biological and Geographical Education. S. Baranov is a participant of Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE) since 2001. His recent academic books, build on a massive new data set covering many countries and Universities. The book (Fluctuating asymmetry of plants: methods and application. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing) shows the remarkable quantitative morphogeometric approach to testing asymmetry in biotic structures. S. Baranov is also known for his early research on developmental stability of plants. Ecology of bacteria and virus is one of the aspect of educational activity. Dictionary-directory on ecological-nature protection subjects was published in Russian in 2000. It is a fresh view on now days ecological questions. Sergey Baranov is an elected MS department supervisor (biology, ecology, geography). He has been invited to give research lectures at University in East Africa (Tanzania) in 2010-2013. At present time prof S. Baranov's duty are the research projects on developmental stability of ecosystems and phenogenetic study in ecosystems of Russia.